Consecutive Spas is conducive to your health
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Consecutive Spas is conducive to your health.
     Consecutive Spas is conducive to your health
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What happens to you during Hydrotherapy?
When you are in pain or under stress, chemical changes in your body can cause the blood pressure and pulse rate to increase; Having regular hydrotherapy treatments can help you to reduce these symptoms by relieving swollen joints and slowing down the process of stress reaction. This will help you to relax and unwind, which is easier for you, helping you to deal with your pain.
In your first treatment
After 5 minutes - your blood pressure and pulse rates start to drop.
After 10 minutes - your circulation improves in your hands and feet making them warmer.
After 15 minutes - your muscles will relax becoming more receptive to passive exercise; fibrous tissue becomes more pliable and responsive to stretching encouraging the release of lactic acid and other toxins from your system.
After 20 minutes - your aches and pains will experience a temporary decrease in severity.
Further Treatments
After 3 treatments - your immune system will be improved.
After 5 treatments - tension, emotional and physical pain will noticeably be reduced.
After 10 treatments - your pain relief will be longer lasting; you'll experience a greater sense of well-being.
After 20 treatments - you will have a heightened tolerance to disease and depression, your skin will be clearer and glow with health and your muscle tone and mobility will improve.

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